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  1. German Festival – Bread Fest Germany Nothing screams German more than Traditional German Bread. Germany is already internationally known for its’ beer and Oktoberfest… but heck that is getting a bit old (and expensive). How about paying a visit to the Alemannic Bread Market and Festival in Endingen a.K.. Yes. A festival dedicated to bread. Not only will you have the opportunity to try traditional German breads and buns, you can watch the parade, visit the market, enjoy live music and learn how to make homemade bread yourself – German style – of course. The fest always takes place in the beginning ofRead More →


  7 Typical German Foods     1. Saumagen A Pigs’ stomach. Before man and woman invented artificial casing, the Neanderthal, Germans and well… everybody used cleansed intestines or stomach. Fill that empty pigs stomach with all of its own non-sellable body parts like: spleen, liver, lung, trachea, ears, feet, and face parts. In the end, you have a high-class German delicatessen called Saumagen. More about inside an authentic Saumagen     2. Blood sausage One of the greatest things about blood sausage is that it looks nearly the same before and after ingestion. Freshly dripped pig blood gets naturally thicker as it cools. AddRead More →

Halloween in Germany

  Halloween in Germany Halloween, All Hallows’ Eve, Trick or Treat and now there’s even Trunk or Treat? The all too popular Volksfest holiday in the United States is nothing for se’ Germans. All Saints’ Eve, Haunted house, zombies, pumpkin decorations or even corn mazes? Not here: Welcome to the Halloween wasteland: a.k.a Germany.   Halloween Germany As an American and Wisconsite at that, Halloween belongsed to one of my favorite holidays. We used pillow cases to collect candy and rollerblades to hit up as many houses as we could. “Insert doorbell sound from Home Alone”, -Bam- the door opens and all you have toRead More →

Interesting facts about Germany Weird German traditions

Interesting facts Germany   Are you getting married to a German? Well, sucks to be you! Weird German traditions Are you frantically searching for your wife 24 hours before your wedding? Don’t call the police. Mr. Groom, welcome to Germany! This may sound quite bizarre and medieval, but you can be pretty sure that you don’t have a runaway bride on your hands. A weird German tradition for sure. Your wife-to be isn’t at the beauty parlor nor hanging out with her girlfriends.   Your wife-to-be has been kidnapped by your friends This is a completely normal, yet gradually disappearing tradition in Germany: Are youRead More →

interesting facts about germany

Why German doors are more intimidating than your boss (door in German: Tür) Waiting for a meeting? Anxiously sitting in a doctor’s office? Awaiting your paperwork? Sit down, read a magazine and “shush”. The door will eventually open and here’s how you do it –  Interesting facts about Germany     The “closed door”: a sign of power Do you have your own office? Okay you are definitely a somebody. Do you have a door to your office that you always keep closed until somebody knocks? You are the freakin’ man (or woman). And if somebody wants something from you, they will have to begRead More →