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12 Summer survival tips: Things to do in Germany Geographically speaking, Germany should have the same climate as mid-Canada. Meteorologically speaking, Germany is much like the Midwest/ Mid-plains USA, regarding temperature and precipitation. So everybody has a tornado hide-out? Nope. So let’s just turn our Air conditioner up a notch, buy mosquito repellent and go to the local Italian ice cream shop. Lemonade stands? Good luck. Summer survival tips for Germany.     1. Order An Extra Side Of Ice Cubes If you don’t order it, it’s not standard. Ice cubes in your drinks. If you are an American in Germany, you get used toRead More →

German national day German independence day

  German National Day July 4th is right around the corner, put on your cowboy boots, load your fireworks stash and make sure you have enough charcoal for the barbecue grill. As all U.S. folks know, Independence Day is kind of a big deal. But what is it like celebrating July 4th in Germany or German National Day?     1.Germany doesn’t even have an Independence Day So, just getting this out there for those still living in their own little universe. Surprise, surprise… Germany was never an English colony nor have they become “independent”. The Germans have a Day of German Unity, celebrating theRead More →

German culture vs american culture II

  German culture vs American culture The American plans their Euro-trip including cultural city-tours with traditional meals and encounters with the native people who live in Germany. The Germans are usually defined by their Beer, Lederhosen, seriousness, harsh language and “German-made” engineering. There is so much more to the modern German culture and language. And surprisingly, the average American won’t feel very far from home. Welcome to the Americanized country of Germany… in the midst of the TTIP trade talks and criticism.     1.Language – Anglizismen– Germanized English words The German language is known to be rough and tough sounding in nature, especially fromRead More →


    5 steps How to criticize like a German. As a German-American that has done business on both sides of the Atlantic, I am often confronted with how subjective, direct, indecent and down-right honest Germans give and take criticism. This may leave the communication partner on the other end quite frustrated, lost for words or lead to deal drop-throughs. No worries, big girls don’t cry. These 5 easy steps will help you criticize like a German in no time.     1.Your verbiage – Skip the shoulds, coulds, woulds Growing up in the America-nation, an individual walking on the street, going about their businessRead More →

german culture vs american culture

  Best presents for kids: German culture vs American culture Children are wundervoll. Children are grand. Children are the largest life project a married/ unmarried couple or single parent can have. And when them birthdays come around, you better be prepared mom and dad. You better be doing anything and everything to satisfy that child. That child’s birthday present might be damned, ridiculously and extraordinarily expensive, yet it will land in the toy-box graveyard before you can say Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän. (which is a very long German word, by the way)     But what does a typical child want for presents? Germans vs Americans As weRead More →