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  1. German Festival – Bread Fest Germany Nothing screams German more than Traditional German Bread. Germany is already internationally known for its’ beer and Oktoberfest… but heck that is getting a bit old (and expensive). How about paying a visit to the Alemannic Bread Market and Festival in Endingen a.K.. Yes. A festival dedicated to bread. Not only will you have the opportunity to try traditional German breads and buns, you can watch the parade, visit the market, enjoy live music and learn how to make homemade bread yourself – German style – of course. The fest always takes place in the beginning ofRead More →

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Krispy Kremes Did I hesitate? You would probably need a physicians’ perscription for this abroad. Warning: only ingested if no risk of heart disease is present. Cheddar cheese You will find any and every cheese, in Germany, France and China, but nothing is like your Midwest – Wisconsin Chedda Cheese. Ice cream Yes, you will find Ice Cream abroad, but nothing even comparable to your 2 gallon tub of creamy peanut butterness with cookies and cream including extra cookie dough chunks. Peanut Butter No further explanation is needed here. Please get over it and move on – you will make it. A proper breakfast Pancakes,Read More →

So. Well. I guess this is how it feels to be glancing at my first post on this old geezer website. was originally the wedding website from my wife and I. Five months later, we are assuming that nobody wants to hear or see pictures from “our special day” anymore. It was more for ourselves than for anyone else. Therefore it was makeover time. (newlyweds: this is an important step in getting over your own wedding by the way!) Our American in Germany blog   Exposing our german-american ways After convincing my wife that we should share some of our sad, exciting, troubling, exaggerating,Read More →