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  7 Typical German Foods     1. Saumagen A Pigs’ stomach. Before man and woman invented artificial casing, the Neanderthal, Germans and well… everybody used cleansed intestines or stomach. Fill that empty pigs stomach with all of its own non-sellable body parts like: spleen, liver, lung, trachea, ears, feet, and face parts. In the end, you have a high-class German delicatessen called Saumagen. More about inside an authentic Saumagen     2. Blood sausage One of the greatest things about blood sausage is that it looks nearly the same before and after ingestion. Freshly dripped pig blood gets naturally thicker as it cools. AddRead More →


5 clues that you have an Allerweltsgesicht Now let’s forget about the pronunciation on this one and cut to the chase. I usually try to write non-personal blog posts, but after a few encounters of people calling my face an “everybody’s face”… I just had to get my experiences out into the world. It took me awhile to figure out that my face is considered an “Allerweltsgesicht”…. Which is a face that has no unique characteristics. So now that, that’s taken care of: Here are 5 ways to tell if you have an Allerweltsgesicht.   1. Strangers claim to recognize you Of all my encountersRead More →

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  Germany and social media I never wanted to sign up. I never wanted to become a social-media addict. I never wanted to have to deal with facebook discussions, facebook relationship statuses, facebook job information, facebook “which party are you visiting this weekend” events or facebook messenger groups. Yes I must confess that facebook is winning this war, but still losing the battle – in Germany. Germany still never wants to use facebook and here are 4 reasons why: Even this word document is forcing me to capitalize the word Facebook, since when has facebook deserved capitalization? Sue me Mark.   1.The Germans already hadRead More →


    5 steps How to criticize like a German. As a German-American that has done business on both sides of the Atlantic, I am often confronted with how subjective, direct, indecent and down-right honest Germans give and take criticism. This may leave the communication partner on the other end quite frustrated, lost for words or lead to deal drop-throughs. No worries, big girls don’t cry. These 5 easy steps will help you criticize like a German in no time.     1.Your verbiage – Skip the shoulds, coulds, woulds Growing up in the America-nation, an individual walking on the street, going about their businessRead More →

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  Best presents for kids: German culture vs American culture Children are wundervoll. Children are grand. Children are the largest life project a married/ unmarried couple or single parent can have. And when them birthdays come around, you better be prepared mom and dad. You better be doing anything and everything to satisfy that child. That child’s birthday present might be damned, ridiculously and extraordinarily expensive, yet it will land in the toy-box graveyard before you can say Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän. (which is a very long German word, by the way)     But what does a typical child want for presents? Germans vs Americans As weRead More →