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  Getting Married to a German Getting married to a German is no easy act, and you may feel like you are a hiker who is lost in the Black forest. Those who made it out of the Black forest haze are usually balding earlier than their peers and those who have it ahead of them. I wish you endurance. Marrying a German is no longer considered treason in a laws and regulations sense but you may be treated as such. The City Clerk may give you a schräg (skewed) glance. You may have difficulties finding an officiant and your family may not be totallyRead More →

Interesting facts about Germany Weird German traditions

Interesting facts Germany   Are you getting married to a German? Well, sucks to be you! Weird German traditions Are you frantically searching for your wife 24 hours before your wedding? Don’t call the police. Mr. Groom, welcome to Germany! This may sound quite bizarre and medieval, but you can be pretty sure that you don’t have a runaway bride on your hands. A weird German tradition for sure. Your wife-to be isn’t at the beauty parlor nor hanging out with her girlfriends.   Your wife-to-be has been kidnapped by your friends This is a completely normal, yet gradually disappearing tradition in Germany: Are youRead More →

So. Well. I guess this is how it feels to be glancing at my first post on this old geezer website. was originally the wedding website from my wife and I. Five months later, we are assuming that nobody wants to hear or see pictures from “our special day” anymore. It was more for ourselves than for anyone else. Therefore it was makeover time. (newlyweds: this is an important step in getting over your own wedding by the way!) Our American in Germany blog   Exposing our german-american ways After convincing my wife that we should share some of our sad, exciting, troubling, exaggerating,Read More →