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12 Summer survival tips: Things to do in Germany Geographically speaking, Germany should have the same climate as mid-Canada. Meteorologically speaking, Germany is much like the Midwest/ Mid-plains USA, regarding temperature and precipitation. So everybody has a tornado hide-out? Nope. So let’s just turn our Air conditioner up a notch, buy mosquito repellent and go to the local Italian ice cream shop. Lemonade stands? Good luck. Summer survival tips for Germany.     1. Order An Extra Side Of Ice Cubes If you don’t order it, it’s not standard. Ice cubes in your drinks. If you are an American in Germany, you get used toRead More →


Grocery shopping in Germany Assuming you are on a trip to Germany and want to bring back some treats for your family and friends, it is not always easy to find the right product for the right dime. Don’t pay more than you have to in tourist stores, don’t forget to bring your own bags and it is always fly to have the exact amount of cash for your purchase. How to grocery shop like a boss in Germany.     1. Stores names Yes there is a store called Penny. No it’s not like the Dollar Store, and no not everything is for aRead More →

German national day German independence day

  German National Day July 4th is right around the corner, put on your cowboy boots, load your fireworks stash and make sure you have enough charcoal for the barbecue grill. As all U.S. folks know, Independence Day is kind of a big deal. But what is it like celebrating July 4th in Germany or German National Day?     1.Germany doesn’t even have an Independence Day So, just getting this out there for those still living in their own little universe. Surprise, surprise… Germany was never an English colony nor have they become “independent”. The Germans have a Day of German Unity, celebrating theRead More →


5 clues that you have an Allerweltsgesicht Now let’s forget about the pronunciation on this one and cut to the chase. I usually try to write non-personal blog posts, but after a few encounters of people calling my face an “everybody’s face”… I just had to get my experiences out into the world. It took me awhile to figure out that my face is considered an “Allerweltsgesicht”…. Which is a face that has no unique characteristics. So now that, that’s taken care of: Here are 5 ways to tell if you have an Allerweltsgesicht.   1. Strangers claim to recognize you Of all my encountersRead More →

Etiquette Germany

    Drinking buddy etiquette Germany 101: Cheers! Prost! How to make German friends part III Yes, we all know the prejudices, German and their beer. But the German and their beer, also has its’ political correctness. And whether you belong to the right, left wing or democratic, republican party… you better know your stuff when it comes to making drinking buddies in Germany, because if there is a good buddy in Germany to have, it is a drinking buddy. Etiquette Germany: Drinking Buddies 101.     Etiquette Germany: Buying drinks Want to make a drinking buddy friend? Buy them a gosh-darn drink. But pleaseRead More →