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  1. German Festival – Bread Fest Germany Nothing screams German more than Traditional German Bread. Germany is already internationally known for its’ beer and Oktoberfest… but heck that is getting a bit old (and expensive). How about paying a visit to the Alemannic Bread Market and Festival in Endingen a.K.. Yes. A festival dedicated to bread. Not only will you have the opportunity to try traditional German breads and buns, you can watch the parade, visit the market, enjoy live music and learn how to make homemade bread yourself – German style – of course. The fest always takes place in the beginning ofRead More →


Grocery shopping in Germany Assuming you are on a trip to Germany and want to bring back some treats for your family and friends, it is not always easy to find the right product for the right dime. Don’t pay more than you have to in tourist stores, don’t forget to bring your own bags and it is always fly to have the exact amount of cash for your purchase. How to grocery shop like a boss in Germany.     1. Stores names Yes there is a store called Penny. No it’s not like the Dollar Store, and no not everything is for aRead More →

German culture vs american culture II

  German culture vs American culture The American plans their Euro-trip including cultural city-tours with traditional meals and encounters with the native people who live in Germany. The Germans are usually defined by their Beer, Lederhosen, seriousness, harsh language and “German-made” engineering. There is so much more to the modern German culture and language. And surprisingly, the average American won’t feel very far from home. Welcome to the Americanized country of Germany… in the midst of the TTIP trade talks and criticism.     1.Language – Anglizismen– Germanized English words The German language is known to be rough and tough sounding in nature, especially fromRead More →

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    What would Germany be without its’ German beers. The German beer purity regulations from the year 1487 (America wasn’t even thought of yet), state that every and any beer to be brewed in Germany, shall only contain the following 3 ingredients: water, barley and hops. This is where the saying comes from that German beer is more hygienical than the water we drink. 9 German beers you definitely need to try:   German beers #1: Alt This beer originates from the Rhine river Germany region near the city of Düsseldorf. It usually has around 5.8% alcohol and is what it name reveals: OLD.Read More →

American in Germany blog

1. I married a foreigner (see my American in Germany blog) As most Americans know, there are heck of a lot of fish in our American pond, why would you marry a foreigner? Or get married to a German at that? Why go through the bureaucratic hassle? Well I guess you just can’t help it sometimes… anybody with me here? I know Donald Trump is.   2. I haven’t watched the Super Bowl for years Although it is considered the coolest, most bestest, and most americanest thing to happen on an annual basis, I don’t watch the Super Bowl. I don’t enjoy watching the mostRead More →