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  German Boss – How to deal with a German CEO in 8 easy steps Yes, the whole company is in an outrage, excited, disappointed and looking forward to finally getting a new CEO, new boss or a newly appointed owner. Now let’s all admit, we just expect that the new boss will be an American. Its American soil darn it! And if they aren’t an American, they sure as heck should act like one. Expectations bulldozered. Just like Trumps immigration ban. Non-American CEOs in America are nothing out of the ordinary. 41% of all Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or by theirRead More →


  Debunked! 3 Myths and Misconceptions about Germany The Berlin Wall still exists, Are the Germans proud to be Germans and Beer, German Beer. Three misconceptions about Germans and Germany debunked.     1.The Berlin wall no longer exists Just smack yourself in the face already. If you didn’t pay attention in Social Studies during European History and such, then, just… please. I couldn’t believe it myself as a good German friend of ours had to explain the wheres, whats and hows of the Berlin wall to a fellow Americanite. Try this: open a new browser in google. Please start typing: “Does the Berlin Wall…”Read More →

German culture vs american culture II

  German culture vs American culture The American plans their Euro-trip including cultural city-tours with traditional meals and encounters with the native people who live in Germany. The Germans are usually defined by their Beer, Lederhosen, seriousness, harsh language and “German-made” engineering. There is so much more to the modern German culture and language. And surprisingly, the average American won’t feel very far from home. Welcome to the Americanized country of Germany… in the midst of the TTIP trade talks and criticism.     1.Language – Anglizismen– Germanized English words The German language is known to be rough and tough sounding in nature, especially fromRead More →