Karneval - Germany Culture Shock

German Karneval – Germany culture shock German Karneval terminology. Karneval itself has several different names. The 5th season of the year, Fasnet, Fasnacht, Karneval and several others belong to your Wortschatz (vocabulary). But it all means the same thing. One awesome reason to get out and have a good time.   German street Karneval I have learned to love getting dressed-up, riding around with the parade floats, partying it up, drinking on public streets and meeting a bunch of new people in the meantime. I have learned to hate the feeling the next morning. Karneval often gets the best of you and a good ol’Read More →

American in Germany blog

1. I married a foreigner (see my American in Germany blog) As most Americans know, there are heck of a lot of fish in our American pond, why would you marry a foreigner? Or get married to a German at that? Why go through the bureaucratic hassle? Well I guess you just can’t help it sometimes… anybody with me here? I know Donald Trump is.   2. I haven’t watched the Super Bowl for years Although it is considered the coolest, most bestest, and most americanest thing to happen on an annual basis, I don’t watch the Super Bowl. I don’t enjoy watching the mostRead More →

recycle in germany recycling

  Survival Guide Germany Recycling is for losers. The cool kids always throw their trash wherever they want- and it doesn’t usually land in a Mülleimer (garbage can). It’s a bit different in the U.S. nowadays, but it’s even worse in Germany.   Recycle in Germany In Germany you have; a green bin, brown bin, black bin, a separate bin for glass and recycling centers for metals, electronic scrap and newspapers. You are allowed to throw away a maximum of two refrigerators a year, so who the heck goes through two refrigerators a year? Oh yeah and don’t forget the Pfand on the plastic bottlesRead More →

Annoy german, annoying neighbor germany

    Annoy in German means: “nerven” or “stören” Neighbors in Germany are definitely not like neighbors in the USA. My home town is called “The good neighbor city”: yes it sounds and seems quite cheesy. But what makes an American city any gooder, or better at neighboring than a German city? Have you ever encountered an annoying neighbor? Or ever wanted to annoy German neighbors?   Annoying neighbor: The Fenstergucker Fenstergucker are people who spend lengthy hours observing their street/ neighbors from their own window sill. The German police force is nothing compared to the trained Fenstergucker. Those elderly people or your neighbor whoRead More →

mow lawn sunday germany

  Mow lawn on Sunday in Germany Yes, you read it right – one of Americas most popular pastimes, mowing your lawn on a Sunday afternoon, is a total no-go in Germany and here’s why: why you don’t mow lawn on Sunday: Germany.   Ruhezeiten (rest times) take it or leave it In America it is perfectly normal and culturally acceptable to do whatever you want, whenever the heck you want to do it – well most of the time it’s just a matter of common sense. Not in Germany. In Germany, they have legal rest times. Legal, as in, there are regulations and lawsRead More →