5 clues that you have an Allerweltsgesicht Now let’s forget about the pronunciation on this one and cut to the chase. I usually try to write non-personal blog posts, but after a few encounters of people calling my face an “everybody’s face”… I just had to get my experiences out into the world. It took me awhile to figure out that my face is considered an “Allerweltsgesicht”…. Which is a face that has no unique characteristics. So now that, that’s taken care of: Here are 5 ways to tell if you have an Allerweltsgesicht.   1. Strangers claim to recognize you Of all my encountersRead More →


    Speaking German – German language basics Flights booked: check. Car rental: yup. Hotels: you betcha. German language basics: uhhh… I have German ancestry, is that sufficient? OR – I had two and half years in High School, is that going to be enough? Well, fact is, you can definitely get by and survive Germany with English language skills, but that isn’t the point here. It is always more satisfying to go abroad and be able to at least express yourself when you “need to go” or not make a fool of yourself for using the ladies room or pulling on a door thatRead More →

Etiquette Germany

    Drinking buddy etiquette Germany 101: Cheers! Prost! How to make German friends part III Yes, we all know the prejudices, German and their beer. But the German and their beer, also has its’ political correctness. And whether you belong to the right, left wing or democratic, republican party… you better know your stuff when it comes to making drinking buddies in Germany, because if there is a good buddy in Germany to have, it is a drinking buddy. Etiquette Germany: Drinking Buddies 101.     Etiquette Germany: Buying drinks Want to make a drinking buddy friend? Buy them a gosh-darn drink. But pleaseRead More →


  Debunked! 3 Myths and Misconceptions about Germany The Berlin Wall still exists, Are the Germans proud to be Germans and Beer, German Beer. Three misconceptions about Germans and Germany debunked.     1.The Berlin wall no longer exists Just smack yourself in the face already. If you didn’t pay attention in Social Studies during European History and such, then, just… please. I couldn’t believe it myself as a good German friend of ours had to explain the wheres, whats and hows of the Berlin wall to a fellow Americanite. Try this: open a new browser in google. Please start typing: “Does the Berlin Wall…”Read More →

Germany-facebook-social-media (1)

  Germany and social media I never wanted to sign up. I never wanted to become a social-media addict. I never wanted to have to deal with facebook discussions, facebook relationship statuses, facebook job information, facebook “which party are you visiting this weekend” events or facebook messenger groups. Yes I must confess that facebook is winning this war, but still losing the battle – in Germany. Germany still never wants to use facebook and here are 4 reasons why: Even this word document is forcing me to capitalize the word Facebook, since when has facebook deserved capitalization? Sue me Mark.   1.The Germans already hadRead More →