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Germany Blog

German American relationssThanks for visiting our newest Germany blog:

My wife is German, and I am an American. Our life, troubles and triumphs.

Caroline, my wife, comes originally from Kaiserstuhl, Germany. And for myself, I am a native of Middleton, Wisconsin USA. We have been together ever since I went to Germany for an exchange program in 2006. We just recently got married in 2014 in Manawa, WI, yet we feel that we have been through heck of alot together, hence this website. We hope that someone will be able to relate and possibly enjoy our journey stories. Please excuse my denglish throughout the texts and the reversed syntax in the english sentences, some days are definately better than others with regards to my bilingual competence.

Our Germany Blog

Our mutual path is currently guided by German-American cultural creases, language flops, why you shouldn’t marry a foreigner, VISA lines out the door, what do I need an american drivers license for, dirty socks laying on the kitchen sink, learning to enjoy Schlager music and of course our first dog that my wife secretly picked up one day from the local humans society. Caroline has a degree in business administration and is a real estate agent in the Fox Valley, Wisconsin. I’m a childs worst enemy: a teacher. We also administer a few websites, perform German-English translations, social media is a good friend and we like to be in the outdoors in our freetime.

And yes, one of our favorite foods is cheese – doesn’t matter how its made.

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