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  German friends This one is for you: our German-American friends: Making and finding German friends:  it takes time and is a planned matter. As an American, I would consider myself being a pretty bad friend in German terms and here’s why:   The expectations bar is set pretty high No, you can’t just walk in, grab a beer from the fridge and say hi to my dog before noticing me. Please use the Klingel (doorbell), call 30min before arriving, take off your shoes without asking, put on the guest slippers, shake my hand, say my house looks nice and then you’ve earned something toRead More →

So. Well. I guess this is how it feels to be glancing at my first post on this old geezer website. was originally the wedding website from my wife and I. Five months later, we are assuming that nobody wants to hear or see pictures from “our special day” anymore. It was more for ourselves than for anyone else. Therefore it was makeover time. (newlyweds: this is an important step in getting over your own wedding by the way!) Our American in Germany blog   Exposing our german-american ways After convincing my wife that we should share some of our sad, exciting, troubling, exaggerating,Read More →