Happier Abroad?  5 Things I Miss Most – Germany vs USA It is Uber-annoying, yet I am in a constant state of comparing aspects of life in Germany and the U.S.A on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter where I am at, in Germany or America; The first question that I am always asked is: Do you miss Germany at all? Or what do you miss about the Unites Stated most? Are you Happier Abroad?     1. I miss not having an accent Ok, I admit it. I am bilingual. Ok, I admit it. I have an accent. When I speak German I haveRead More →


  1. German Festival – Bread Fest Germany Nothing screams German more than Traditional German Bread. Germany is already internationally known for its’ beer and Oktoberfest… but heck that is getting a bit old (and expensive). How about paying a visit to the Alemannic Bread Market and Festival in Endingen a.K.. Yes. A festival dedicated to bread. Not only will you have the opportunity to try traditional German breads and buns, you can watch the parade, visit the market, enjoy live music and learn how to make homemade bread yourself – German style – of course. The fest always takes place in the beginning ofRead More →

Europe Travel Advice

    If you have never been to Europe, you are in for quite a surprise. The EU consists of 28 member countries, is home to 24 official languages and an array of cultural peculiarities. And the driving distances are nothing in comparison to the corn-field be-ridden landscape I grew up in, in the the good ol’ Midwest. And not only that, hop on any sort of public transportation and you can be in a culturally and linguistically completely different world within just a few hours. As an American, I have learned to treasure this, yet I have the feeling that the Europeans aren’t ableRead More →


  German Boss – How to deal with a German CEO in 8 easy steps Yes, the whole company is in an outrage, excited, disappointed and looking forward to finally getting a new CEO, new boss or a newly appointed owner. Now let’s all admit, we just expect that the new boss will be an American. Its American soil darn it! And if they aren’t an American, they sure as heck should act like one. Expectations bulldozered. Just like Trumps immigration ban. Non-American CEOs in America are nothing out of the ordinary. 41% of all Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or by theirRead More →


  7 Typical German Foods     1. Saumagen A Pigs’ stomach. Before man and woman invented artificial casing, the Neanderthal, Germans and well… everybody used cleansed intestines or stomach. Fill that empty pigs stomach with all of its own non-sellable body parts like: spleen, liver, lung, trachea, ears, feet, and face parts. In the end, you have a high-class German delicatessen called Saumagen. More about inside an authentic Saumagen     2. Blood sausage One of the greatest things about blood sausage is that it looks nearly the same before and after ingestion. Freshly dripped pig blood gets naturally thicker as it cools. AddRead More →