Happier Abroad? 5 Things I Miss Most – Germany vs USA

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Happier Abroad?  5 Things I Miss Most – Germany vs USA

It is Uber-annoying, yet I am in a constant state of comparing aspects of life in Germany and the U.S.A on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter where I am at, in Germany or America; The first question that I am always asked is: Do you miss Germany at all? Or what do you miss about the Unites Stated most? Are you Happier Abroad?



1. I miss not having an accent

Ok, I admit it. I am bilingual. Ok, I admit it. I have an accent. When I speak German I have an accent. I even have an accent when I speak English. The downside of this is that nobody believes me that I am originally from the United States. And heck everybody says “Oh your German is so great” – which basically means that everybody notices that I am by no means originally from a German-speaking country. Happier Abroad? But hey, as long as this doesn’t eat at my ego too much… the ladies don’t mind speaking to someone with an accent, do they?



2. I miss not needing to be politically-diplomatic

Ever since 2017 came along, the average German always needs to know “Hey WTF is President Trump thinking?” And I always love answering such inquiries as if I were his personal psychologist. Or WTF do you want for an answer? Yes I read the newspapers and watch the news too! I usually shy away from bashing both German and American politics for safety. And the average American doesn’t usually know a thing about German politics other than a few name bombs such as Merkel… Merkel… Merkel. Is there anything else that an American or even a German needs to know?



3. I miss simplicity

Technology has transformed the “nomadic-life” for both the good and bad. Skyping with family on the weekends, ordering German products from a U.S.-based online shop, finding fireworks for celebrating the 4th of July in Germany or even being able to listen to internet-radio stations in both the German and English language. Happier abroad? The sheer amount of technological possibilities can be overwhelming. As a result, sometimes it is difficult to concentrate on yourself. Didn’t daily life used to be simpler?



4. I miss being content

If you are a traveler, an expat or a digital nomad, then you will find out sooner than later that neither Germany nor America offers you everything you want and need. Happier abroad? This leaves you in a constant state of not being content with what “you have”. Being in a constant state of judging the quality of life in the countries you travel to is a burden leading you to not being able to completely let go and enjoy the moment. And ever since each and every person is completely responsible for their level of happiness and success independent of their origin, nobody can have a single excuse as to why they aren’t yet a billionaire. Right? And don’t even get me started about the photo-shopped profiles on social media networks.



5. I miss being naïve

So ever since the internet age, “being a normal adult” apparently now means “adulting”. Crazy as it is… I always perceived being naïve as something positive. Being naïve when approaching new experiences or traveling or even when making new friends can lead to positive outcomes. My mind is in a progressive state of managing two: two languages, two families, two lives and heck even two identities. I believe that this is a minor complication when not trying to overthink daily situations. Overthinking leads to anxiety, which is a total killer in the world of a healthy dose of being naïve. So I guess I miss “childing” instead of “adulting”.



I cherish my lifestyle. As all humans who live in countries with freedom of speech: we all have our aches and pains we like to communicate. Yes, I miss German bread and beer. Yes, I miss American burgers – But I feel no need to alter my current way of life! How about you – Are you Happier Abroad?

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