7 Bizarre German Festivals and Competitions

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1. German Festival – Bread Fest Germany

Nothing screams German more than Traditional German Bread. Germany is already internationally known for its’ beer and Oktoberfest… but heck that is getting a bit old (and expensive). How about paying a visit to the Alemannic Bread Market and Festival in Endingen a.K.. Yes. A festival dedicated to bread. Not only will you have the opportunity to try traditional German breads and buns, you can watch the parade, visit the market, enjoy live music and learn how to make homemade bread yourself – German style – of course. The fest always takes place in the beginning of October each year. Watch more about the Alemmanic Bread Market & Fest here.


2. Finger Wrestling Championships

I recommend this German festival to all coaches, teachers, parents and teenagers who have especially strong middle fingers due to their daily activities. Now all you need is a bit of traditional German dress, a bit of beer in your system and your middle finger… and you are all set to participate in the Finger Wrestling Championships that usually takes place in Bavaria. Would I ever participate? No. I wouldn’t want my most expressive finger to get torn off by some angry German guy.



3.The HTWWWM – the 4th weirdest event in Europe

Gather all those raggedy, dusty, only-used-once purses and get ready for the Handtaschen-Weitwurf-Weltmeisterschaft – which is the “Purse Long-Throw World Championships” that took place in the amusement park Movie Park Germany from 2012-2016. The goal? Try and throw your purse the furthest. The current world record holder threw HIS purse 46.20 meters far – which is the length of half a football field. I wonder if Aaron Rodgers would be interested in this competition? They apparently even had three training camps for this bologna…. Oh jeez.


4. Cherry Pit Spitting Contest – Festival in Germany

How far can you spit a cherry? It’s about time you start training if you want to break the world record of 30.34 meters. And according to FOCUS, the Swiss folk have quite the cherry pit spitting tradition due to the fact that they even have a Cherry Pit Spitting Union in Switzerland. But the world record wasn’t set by the Swiss, it was set by the biggest spitters-blowers (cherries) on this planet – an American named Brian Krause set the record in 2003, which hasn’t been broken since.



5. International Mowing Competition

This German festival is actually 100% Austrian, but heck they speak German right? This annual fest takes place in Südtirol usually at the end of June of each year. But the Lawn-Mowing lover Americans would probably have no clue, nor skills to keep up in this mowing competition. I mean who still mows with a scythe? Yes that weapon shaped tool with a long curved blade that you usually only see in medieval war movies is making a comeback. So who is up for a scythe mowing course in Germany? No I’m not kidding. “Mowing with a Scythe for Beginners!” I guess mowing with a Scythe would be quiet enough to mow lawn on Sunday in Germany


6. Franconian Speed-Grilling Championships

Yes, the slow food nation Germany has a competition in Speed-Grilling. At least it’s not Speed Dating. The main challenge in this event is putting together a mini- Weber grill, then lighting the fire only with matches and then to get your Grill-Weenie finished in the shortest amount of time. According to a German magazine, the European record in this discipline is 12:21 minutes. So who wants to go? I would definitely tag along to support the teams with actually eating their world record. Oh by the way, each grill team (duo) is responsible for drinking 6 beers during the competition, otherwise you will be disqualified. I especially like the Speed-Grilling Team Name: Long Dong Bratwurst.



7. Duhner Mudflat Race – Horse Race on Ocean Floor

The Duhner Mudflat Competition could be directly out of an ancient Roman documentary, but is an annual competition that takes places near Cuxhaven in northern Germany. Where the heck would you assume to find mudflats in Germany anyways? They market with the slogan “The only horse race on the ocean floor ” – And I guess they may be right. Apparently the competition and festival consists of over 150 chariot participants, 1,200 volunteers and over 30,000 visitors each year. I guess it isn’t no Kentucky Derby, but who would even think about betting on horse races in a bikini or speedos “on the ocean floor”. I’m in.


Festivals in Germany that have made honorable mention

Extreme Ironing Competition  –  Beer Barrel Rolling Competition  –  Office Chair Dash and Cell Phone Throwing Championships


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