Sauerkraut juice – Interesting facts Germany

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Sauerkraut juiceInteresting facts Germany

Sauerkraut belongs to Germany, as it does on an American bratwurst. Yet Sauerkraut juice does not originally come from Germany and is older than any historic building in the U.S.A.

Sauerkraut juice works wonders on your immune system, is more expensive than any German beer and did you know? Interesting facts about Sauerkraut juice and how to make it yourself!



Sauerkraut juice is more expensive than beer

Clocking in at around 1.70 Euros per liter, or converted to 6.40 Euros per gallon (That’s roughly $6.75 per gallon!). Kraut juice is more expensive than milk, German beer or heck even a nutritious Big Mac Meal at McDonalds. Personally, I find this quite odd due to the fact that the juice is basically a byproduct of making home-made sauerkraut. How about Kraut juice propelled vehicles?

You can even buy a ridiculously overpriced liter of Sauerkraut juice on amazon… for 9 dollars; sheesh.



Its availability is phenomenal – Fermented cabbage juice

Whether you are at the local discounter of pharmacy, sauerkraut juice basically follows you wherever you go in Germany. Though it’s not considered as cool as Red Bull, nor as popular as Diet Coke, it can be helpful. Sauerkraut juice can be helpful, healthful and is even trending, outside the German provinces. But why is store-bought sauerkraut juice more expensive than German beer?



Sauerkraut juice = health in a jar – Sauerkraut health benefits

According to nutritionists and, the juice itself contains almost half of the alphabet, including A, B, C, E and even K. This naturally means that it’s darn healthy, as long as the alphabet gets absorbed by your intestines before you get the runs. Sauerkraut sure can run, quite possibly faster than Forrest Gump.



Healing Running since 4 B.C. – Hippocrates

No neither the Germans, nor the Germanic folk discovered the healing potential of sauerkraut juice. The Greek physician and legend Hippocrates utilized fermented vegetables to linder digestive problems, constipation and malnutrition even before little baby Jesus met laid his eyes on Bethlehem. Meaning, sauerkraut juice celebrated its 2020th birthday this year. Happy Birthday!



Do it yourself – Homemade sauerkraut juice

Like all of the world’s greatest things alike: sauerkraut juice making needs time and a dash of love.

What you need: white cabbage, tap water, knife/ slicer, container, piece of wood, a stone and a dash of salt.

No we aren’t in the Stone Age folks, the “what you need list” should signal the simplicity of this great juice. After slicing the white cabbage with a knife or slicer, you should place the cabbage into a container. Add tap water into the container so that it is half full. After placing it in the container, place the piece of wood over the sauerkraut and place the stone on the piece of wood, applying pressure onto the sauerkraut.

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