Studying In Germany For Free – Is No Longer – Starting 2017

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Studying in Germany for free

Studying in Germany for free? Nope. As stated in most regional newspapers in the southwestern state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Higher education now comes at a fee. But only for non-Europeans/ international students. Racism? Could be. Are they allowed to do so? Most probably. And the 1.500 Euros per semester may be due as of next year, 2017.



My apologies International students: Americans & Brits.

With an average annual college tuition in the U.S. of around 36,000 dollars per year; And with an annual average of 12,000 pounds per year in the UK for tuition, I am feeling with all of those ‘Mericans and Brits who were planning on getting their under-, or whatever-graduate in Germany for nearly nothing other than sign-up fees. The free German tuition was globally known and quite possibly misused by international guests. Yet “the times are-a-changin”… and definitely not for the better. And cheers to all of the knuckle heads who voted for the Brexit. You now have to pay up as a non-European! Oh wait, not quite yet…



Only in the German State of Baden-Württemberg?

Ok, so maybe our headline got a little too excited in the first place. New legislation for free study in Germany for non-Europeans is being finalized only in the state of Baden-Württemberg. So for all the Americans reading this who are a bit geographically disabled regarding Europe: Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Vienna are all not affected by this at this point in time. And for the really geographically disabled- Vienna is not even a city in Germany. But needless to say, if one state is enacting this new tuition law, then what is holding the other German states back? Nothing.



Studying in Germany for free: Who is effected and what does it cost?

At this point in time, according to local press in southwestern Germany, only non-Europeans are affected by the new legislation, which is going to be valid for only new enrollments as of the winter semester 2017-2018. The new fees for non-Europeans per semester will be 1,500 Euros, which is roughly 1,700 US dollars or 1,350 British pounds per semester. Please don’t forget, this is without room and board! So with a tear in my eye, I shall say goodbye to all of the “college-tuition-refugees” from the US and UK and cheers to all of those who were able to sign up just in time!


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