Do you have an “Everybodys‘ face?” (Allerweltsgesicht) 5 interesting clues

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5 clues that you have an Allerweltsgesicht

Now let’s forget about the pronunciation on this one and cut to the chase. I usually try to write non-personal blog posts, but after a few encounters of people calling my face an “everybody’s face”… I just had to get my experiences out into the world. It took me awhile to figure out that my face is considered an “Allerweltsgesicht”…. Which is a face that has no unique characteristics. So now that, that’s taken care of: Here are 5 ways to tell if you have an Allerweltsgesicht.


1. Strangers claim to recognize you

Of all my encounters with my Allerweltsgesicht, the most interesting one was with a middle-aged gentlemen. Menards on a Friday night, married couples galore with their whining children and this total-stranger walks up to me and claims to know me…. 15 minutes later, we are both able to finally check out after convincing the gentle-man that we actually haven’t ever encountered one another… ever. Are you frequently approached by individuals saying that they know you from somewhere, but actually don’t? Then you just may have an Allerweltsgesicht.


2. You have been questioned by the police

Okay, let’s clarify a few aspects here: I don’t recon that I look sketchy, walk funny, woke up on the wrong side of the bed nor do I run red lights in my free time. But I must say, having an Allerweltsgesicht in the midst of police profiling work is not the best thing to have. And if the bad guy didn’t have any unique facial characteristics, then they are just searching a plain old innocent Allerweltsgesicht in your neightborhood. Have you ever received a visit from the police in the profiling process for no reason? Then you just might just have an Allerweltsgesicht


3. People claim you have a twin or Doppelgänger

“Hey dude, you look just like —Enter name here—, are you like twins or something?” No, no I am not a single child, but siblings usually have physical appearance differences…. And I am not important enough to even think about the word Doppelgänger. Do people claim you have a Doppelgänger? Then you could have an Allerweltsgesicht.


4. Distant acquaintances forget your name

I must admit this example is from a distant friend of mine, who has an Allerweltsgesicht himself. And I always tell him that people with unique facial characteristics have an increased probability that their names get remembered… and now we are able to remember each other’s names to this day. Do people you distantly know, occasionally forget your name? Then you probably have an Allerweltsgesicht.


5. You are usually the person who is asked for directions

Whether you are traveling, in the middle of London or just have a layover in Paris… random people decide to come up to you and ask for directions. The Allerweltsgesicht enables you to beam out special “trust me, I know everything” superpowers, leading to an increased directions inquiry rate. It definitely makes you feel important, but is mostly a large waste of your valuable time. Do random people ask you for directions in your free time? Then you have an Allerweltsgesicht.



By the way; along my journey as an Allerweltsgesicht- representative. I originally thought that the term was meant to be a friendly gesture. Which I was totally wrong about. For some individuals, having an “everybodys’ face” can be an insult in disguise. But as we all learned in the good old times; Beauty always lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Who’s up for a my Self-proclaimed Allerweltsgesicht Club? Let’s print some promotional materials and pretend we are important in our monthly virtual meetings. Shall we?

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