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5 reasons why Germany needs asylum seekers in 2015

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Asylum seekers in Germany look different, they come from another country and don’t possess a German passport. German workers and taxpayers are forking out lump sums to make them feel at home yet they are stealing away jobs and don’t need to pay a cent. And the Germans aren’t even allowed to say it out loud due to their WWII past otherwise they will be nailed onto a Nazi wall. Please stop being racist and drop your preconceptions. A subjective article about a no longer objective topic.


1. Germanys’ past and No, Germany is no longer being ruled by Nazis

It is the year 2015, just in case you have forgotten. 70 years ago, Nazi Germany surrendered to the Western allies ending World War II. And there hasn’t been as many refugees on this planet earth since that war, up until now: Two thousand a fifteen. There are 60 million refugees on this planet. And more than half of them are children. (Great Britain has approximately the same amount of inhabitants.)


2. Stop complaining Germany, this is your chance

The asylum seekers “invading” German soil usually possess Syrian, Kosovo, Albanian or Afghan passports according to Bundesamt for Refugees and Asylum seekers in Germany. And they are expecting a 200% increase in asylum seekers this year in comparison to 2014. So whoopdie-frickin-doo right?


3. 2014 was a great and terrible year for young workers in Germany

With an 7.4% unemployment rate for young adults, Germany ranks as one of the best in Europe and worldwide in employment. Stop complaining Germany. There is so much innovation and work to go around that German companies were missing 37.100 young adults for vacant apprenticeship positions. Stop complaining Germany. Suggestions anybody? Get some damn good German teachers out there for the Asylum seekers who want to bust some butt on the job and stop complaining Germany.


4. Taxes well wasted; stop burning asylum homes

Only idiots burn down asylum homes. I repeat, only idiots burn down buildings built with their own tax money. Hey German, you pay relatively high taxes anyways; if the local governments aren’t going to spend it on building new asylum homes, they’d be wasting it on underpriced construction/future-oriented/ wundervolle projects anyway.


5. Giving Asylum seekers in Germany a chance is equal to supporting the future of Germany

Lets face it.

-The Germans aren’t producing enough new munchkins to work.

-Germany has one of the best work markets in Europe, once asylum seekers are able to work they pay taxes as you do and

-The will of an asylum seeker to live a better life is stronger than German bureaucracy.


So please get to it and do what you do best, you German you: plan, implement, evaluate and act.

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