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Solar eclipse doomsday in Germany: Friday March 20th, 2015

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The whole of Germany and other countries in Europe may experience a total blackout.

‘Se Germans have invested billions of dollars in renewable energy sources in the past years due to the “Energiewende Germany”. And what is happening this Friday? A near- solar eclipse in Germany. So why are they freaking out?


Near- solar eclipse Germany

The solar eclipse will begin at 9:29 o’clock in Aachen, 9:31 o’clock in Munich and 9:33 o’clock in Berlin. According to some sources, the moon will cover the sun up to 80% in total… and the solar cells can go on vacation for all we care. So what exactly is going to cause the total blackout?


Solar eclipse 2003 versus solar eclipse 2015

The last time something like this happened, ‘se Germans were like little kids in a candy store; with sunglasses… but not anymore. Ever since the “Energiewende Germany” the Germans are pretty much crapping in their pants, a week ahead of time; because the Germans have solar cells now. One Million German rooftops have solar cells on them, so I guess that’s one million reasons to be prepping for doomsday.


Total blackout: What is the worst that could happen?

Now I am no expert, but what is the worst thing that could happen? Daimler-Benz loses a few million, German Deutsche Bahn will stop the trains for a few hours. And ‘se German will have to take a 2-hour obligatory break from their oh-so-effective production lines. Will life go on? Most definitely.



As for my wife and I, we are going to go get some new shades, make some extra coffee in the morning and enjoy the show, with or without the “Energiewende Germany”.



  1. Ze Frau and I were outside on that day, it did get noticably darker, colder, and there were countless nerds holding a piece of paper to thier face… And then it was over.

    1. Author

      Hey there JD, Ze Frau and I…. I may have to use that instead of my past summary sentences. You definately made me smile. Did you even go out and buy certain solar-vision sunglasses so that you could look at sun directly?

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