Interesting facts about Germany Weird German traditions

Interesting facts about Germany: Wedding bride abductions

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Interesting facts Germany


Are you getting married to a German? Well, sucks to be you! Weird German traditions

Are you frantically searching for your wife 24 hours before your wedding? Don’t call the police. Mr. Groom, welcome to Germany! This may sound quite bizarre and medieval, but you can be pretty sure that you don’t have a runaway bride on your hands. A weird German tradition for sure. Your wife-to be isn’t at the beauty parlor nor hanging out with her girlfriends.


Your wife-to-be has been kidnapped by your friends

This is a completely normal, yet gradually disappearing tradition in Germany: Are you getting married to a German? Are you a best man in Germany? Then it is your task to steal your best friend’s wife and ask for ransom money. Or better yet… a mixed drinks “night on the town”.


How to steal a bride and ask for ransom

Stealing the bride is the easiest part, but the drinking afterwards needs to be trained. The groom will search for his wife, and will have to buy rounds after rounds of drinks until he is handed over his future wife. Quite peculiar? Yup. Are you going to get wasted? Probably. It all depends on when you feel like handing over the abducted bride back to the groom. Are you getting married to a German? Well, sucks to be you!


How to prevent your bride from being abducted

Have you ever played hide-and-seek? Nope, no shackles nor dungeon needed. And what is the worst that could happen 24 hours before your wedding in Germany? Well other than your whole wedding party having hangovers or you having a real runaway bride on your hands? Needless to say, your fiancées’ abduction probably won’t be preventable.


As for us, well… I would have probably been unable to attend my own wedding if I would have had to drink my way to my abducted fiancée 24 hours before our wedding. Not good…


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