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Sounds in Germany that will drive you crazy – German Culture Shock

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Like in any other country, culture or house, there are different noises that you simply have to get used to. But as an American in Germany, there are several sounds that will just drive you nuts, day-in and day-out. These are the most annoying German culture and customs noises. German Culture Shock


Church bells

A church’s bells ring at least 4 times in an hour, more than 80 times per day and over 2400 time a month. This even excludes certain ceremonial-specific ringing signals for funerals, masses or marriages. Believe it or not, there are also regional-specific church bell regulations. Such regulations are provided by the regional archdioceses. And you won’t have to set your alarm clock ever again- even on the weekends.


The underground

For those of you living in the inner parts of German cities, you will learn to hate the sound of the U-Bahn (underground) brumming along. The sound is not produced by the underground itself, it is the rattling sound of the plates in your cupboard. It gets even worse… For those used to the sound of the underground, you will miss it when you go out to the suburbs. Those from the suburbs staying overnight in downtown hotels must expect to get at least 2-4 hours less shut-eye. Just don’t pack any plates into your luggage.


Neighbor practicing accordion

Traditional German music accompanied on the accordion is generally very nice music. A neighbor playing accordion can also be a very fine sound. But the accordion player in its’ practicing days should not be alloyed outside its’ prison walls. The problem is more the loudness of such instruments. And no, a neighbor practicing the drums is not worse. I would rather listen to a child throwing a temper tantrum than this noise.


Greeting when walking into a room

I consider this a noise and it has fallen into the category of annoying ever since Germany happened. When the average German walks into a room, in which other people are in, it is socially obligatory to say hello… to everybody in the room. If you are working on something, are in the zone and only have 5 minutes left until you get off of work; exactly this kind of greeting can get to be the most annoying thing in Germany. Don’t take it out on the German, there is absolutely nothing they can do about it.


The sound of silence

Simon and Garfunkel were totally right about this one, and it has topped our list of the most annoying sound in the rural parts of Germany. If you go out into the suburbs within the gesetzlichen Ruhezeiten (regulatory quiet times) or on Sundays, you will most probably lose your mind. You will most probably lose your mind because you feel the need to be just as quiet as the Germans. No more regular talking, no more flip flops on the cobble stones and I bet somebody would notice it, if you passed gas…. So don’t you even dare! And lastly, do not mow lawn on Sunday in Germany!


German Culture Shock


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