german toilets

The German toilets

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Germany culture shock

You will be downright terrified out of our mind when you see your first pre-1970s German toilet


The German toilet

The pre-1970s German bathroom is not flattering nor comfortable. It is downright efficient. Technically, they are considered the washout toilet. Yet, when you position yourself on that cold-rimmed German toilet seat, you will notice one main difference. You have not become a victim of the wet-booty aftermath like it is in the United States.


Germans are serious about their German toilets

Germans are serious about their excreta delivery systems. The washout toilet was standard up until the mid-19th century, but has lost its’ popularity to the more modern western-societal toilets without a built-in indoor pool (like many American toilets). They are so serious that there is even a German Toilet Organization.


American vs German toilets from pre-1970s era

The German toilet has a platform-like “storage-balcony” until your odds and ends get flushed down the front side of the toilet by a jet-like flush from the back end of the toilet. The American toilet could be considered a mini indoor swimming pool with extra water-fountain signal-system every time you drop the kids off at the pool. So which one is better, with balcony or indoor pool?


As for my wife and I, we don’t want to scare anybody off from using those German toilets on their trip to Europe, otherwise you will be holding it for quite some time – and if you hold it for too long and need to visit a hospital, well, there will be toilets there too.


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