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9 German beers you need to try

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What would Germany be without its’ German beers. The German beer purity regulations from the year 1487 (America wasn’t even thought of yet), state that every and any beer to be brewed in Germany, shall only contain the following 3 ingredients: water, barley and hops. This is where the saying comes from that German beer is more hygienical than the water we drink. 9 German beers you definitely need to try:


German beers #1: Alt

This beer originates from the Rhine river Germany region near the city of Düsseldorf. It usually has around 5.8% alcohol and is what it name reveals: OLD. Alt beer is still being brewed according to traditional brewing method – that is why it became so popular after all.


German beers #2: Berliner Weisse

Originating from the national capitol Berlin, the Berlin “white” is a tad on the sour side, is a great summer beer and goes back around 300 years. No worries about getting drunk too fast here: the alcohol content is around 2.8%.


German beers #3: Bockbier

Which could be translated as “Billy goat beer”, this beer has a strong taste, which may test your taste buds. Originating from Hannover in 1351, this beers’ billy goat was a bit too much for the “north German” and was then exported down to Bavaria. Bavarian brewers have carried on this traditional German beer to this day.


German beers #4: Kölsch

One of my personal favorites which isn’t served in a Maß – it is served in a two-gulp-glass. Originally from Cologne (Köln), this beer is now considered a geographical trademark. And if you are visiting in Cologne and sitting in a pub, please make sure to signalize to the staff that you don’t want anymore beer, otherwise they will assume you would like to drink “summore”.


German beers #5: Dark lager

As the name implies, this dark beer gets its’ color from the darker roasted malt used in the brewing process. The geographical concentration can be found in Bavaria with its’ approx. 5% alcohol content.


German beers #6: Light lager

The younger brother from the dark lager, the light lager is also classified as the Bavarian light beer in some parts of Germany. This beer is a bit on the sweeter side and has approx. 5% alcohol within as well.


German beers #7: Pilsner

This beer originates from the city of Pilsen. (Austrian Monarchy back in the day) and is considered the Germans’ favorite beer with regards to consumption (2014). The gold color of this beer is the perfect fit to your summer t-bone steaks at the cook-out.


German beers #8: Schwarz-beer

This is a bit self-explanatory, although this beer is as black as licorice, it has a bit of a sweet tone to it and could be considered a meal in itself. Still hungry and need dessert? Order a Schwarzbier. With, 5% alcohol content, it belongs to one of the more harmless German beers.


German beers #9: Weizen-beer

Translated: meaning wheat-beer, is a, well,  wheat beer. It contains more than 50% wheat malt and is predominately drank in the southern parts of Germany. With its sweet tones, this beer is oftern served with a lemon ring hanging on the rim of the half-liter glass. Source:



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