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10 foods all americans miss abroad

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Krispy Kremes

Did I hesitate? You would probably need a physicians’ perscription for this abroad. Warning: only ingested if no risk of heart disease is present.

Cheddar cheese

You will find any and every cheese, in Germany, France and China, but nothing is like your Midwest – Wisconsin Chedda Cheese.

Ice cream

Yes, you will find Ice Cream abroad, but nothing even comparable to your 2 gallon tub of creamy peanut butterness with cookies and cream including extra cookie dough chunks.

Peanut Butter

No further explanation is needed here. Please get over it and move on – you will make it.

A proper breakfast

Pancakes, smothered in butter with three eggs, over-easy; toast and hash browns please. Eastern Europe? Nope. Scandinavian countries? Nope. Worldwide? Nope. It is now okay to shed some tears.

Ice cubes

No biggy right? The upside of never being served ice cubes is actually getting a cup full of pop/ soda. Free refills? Yeah right.

Reece’s peanut butter cups

I get goose bumps reading this. Because Reece’s peanut butter cups are the most complete sweet on this planet – but only in the U, S of A.

Wisconsinites: cheese curds

This may be one of the only regional-specific necessities in this list, but if you’ve never had a proper cheese curd, go to Wisconsin; you may never want to go abroad again.


In comparison to Krispy Kreams, doughnuts are a rank lower, but, you have nearly no access to a decent doughnut anywhere. You cant just ask your neighbor for a doughnut while your abroad… I triple dog dare you!

A decent burger

A decent burger has its own category in the food pyramid, or whatever the heck its called, and if you miss out on your decent burger for a longer period of time, you may suffer from malnutrition.

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  1. Not to be nitpicking or anything, but you can get peanut butter in bigger stores, like Real or Netto or Penny’s.Granted, usually there is just one brand, but it’s something! (I live in Halle, which is in Sachsen-Anhalt, so it could be specific? But I doubt it.)
    Oh, and I read through all your blog posts, and will bookmark for future posts!
    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Author

      Dear Demet, thanks for stopping in and contributing. There is peanut butter available in Germany but it is not comparable with the crunchy jiffy peanut butter from the states. Is there any other food that you seem to miss while abroad?

  2. North America’s breakfast condiment and donut flavor du jour is missed by many abroad. With almost all of maple syrup’s production taking place in the United States and Canada, the sweet sap has not caught on internationally, making it hard to come by.

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