Karneval - Germany Culture Shock

3 reasons why you will learn to love and hate German Karneval

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German Karneval – Germany culture shock

German Karneval terminology. Karneval itself has several different names. The 5th season of the year, Fasnet, Fasnacht, Karneval and several others belong to your Wortschatz (vocabulary). But it all means the same thing. One awesome reason to get out and have a good time.


German street Karneval

I have learned to love getting dressed-up, riding around with the parade floats, partying it up, drinking on public streets and meeting a bunch of new people in the meantime. I have learned to hate the feeling the next morning. Karneval often gets the best of you and a good ol’ hangover the next day is pretty much included.


German parades on Fasnet – Germany culture shock

I have learned to be amused by the dressed up figures. Narren, parading around town, in their hand-made masks and dress. The marching bands are Wayne’s World “totally excellent” and the feeling you get when get pulled into the Hexenhöhle (witches den) is quite odd yet amusing – as long as you don’t lose your orientation. I have learned to hate standing more than an hour on a certain spot, just to be able to watch the parades – or even worse: walking out and reserving spots with chairs and defending them with hockey sticks.


German Karneval: “Hallenfasnet”

I have learned enough German to even understand the skits and comedy on such evenings; those days are thankfully over. If you are not a local, you will not, and let me repeat, you will not understand a single word. Talk about Germany culture shock. The Hallenfasnet comedians enjoy speaking their particular dialects, which differs from region to region. I have learned to hate trying to get to sleep after such events on Karneval. Please plan with getting 2-3 hours of less shut-eye during the 5th season of the year – just because you can’t take anymore, doesn’t mean everybody else will stop partying until 5-6am in the morning.


As for my wife, she doesn’t like to stay out too terribly late on Fasnet but I still need my beauty sleep. More articles about Germany culture shock!



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