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5 reasons why I am bad at being an – American – in Germany blog

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1. I married a foreigner (see my American in Germany blog)

As most Americans know, there are heck of a lot of fish in our American pond, why would you marry a foreigner? Or get married to a German at that? Why go through the bureaucratic hassle? Well I guess you just can’t help it sometimes… anybody with me here? I know Donald Trump is.


2. I haven’t watched the Super Bowl for years

Although it is considered the coolest, most bestest, and most americanest thing to happen on an annual basis, I don’t watch the Super Bowl. I don’t enjoy watching the most expensive commercials on earth. But if my Green Bay Packers are in it, then you better bet your butt that I will be watching that game.


3. I prefer sparkling over tap water

Stewardesses on airplanes always have the keenest eye as to which nationality you have: but they haven’t met me yet. I love that surprised look on their face after telling them, that no, I do not want any ice cubes in my sparkling water… Okay folks, this guy is weird.


4. I have lived abroad before, for a lengthy period of time (hence my American in Germany blog)

Although it is becoming more socially acceptable, being abroad for lengthy periods of times will change your perspective on things. It will change your perspective on things, for like, forever. And I mean like Sandlot-forever.


5. I am self-critical about my Americanness

This is probably the worst yet best reason why I am bad at being American. I am quite self-critical about the American things I do. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing to be ashamed about or to hide, the average American just doesn’t do it.


As for us, my wife has always accepted me for who I am and I respect her for the things she does. In the end, a person can never be solely defined nor judged by the imprint on their passport.


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