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Germany – Why you don’t mow lawn on Sunday in Germany

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Mow lawn on Sunday in Germany

Yes, you read it right – one of Americas most popular pastimes, mowing your lawn on a Sunday afternoon, is a total no-go in Germany and here’s why: why you don’t mow lawn on Sunday: Germany.


Ruhezeiten (rest times) take it or leave it

In America it is perfectly normal and culturally acceptable to do whatever you want, whenever the heck you want to do it – well most of the time it’s just a matter of common sense. Not in Germany. In Germany, they have legal rest times. Legal, as in, there are regulations and laws and stuff like that for it. My 3rd grade teacher always used to say “One word I never want to hear is STUFF, please always be specific” Therefore, we shall get a bit more specific.


Resting regulations?

The German regulations for “taking it easy” varies from state to state, but generally speaking, you need to be legally quiet Monday thru Friday between 12 noon and 2pm and at night, meaning between 8pm until 7am the next morning. Poor American in Germany… It gets even better though: Sunday is considered a rest day. Yes a rest day, the whole day, every Sunday.


The Ruhetag (Rest day) Sunday survival guide

No vacuuming, no mowing the lawn, no auto repair, no loudly playing children. Stop making firewood, turn down your music and just be quiet. Are you catholic? Go to church, get home, eat a nice warm lunch, go hiking, take the dogs out (don’t they dare bark), eat coffee and cake at 3pm, read a book, spend quality time with the family. Did you forget something to be able to finish cooking your dinner?


Congratulations, you won’t find an open grocery store for miles on Sundays; consider yourself lucky if you find an open gas station. As for us, my wife likes to brunch on Sundays and take the dogs for a long walk. I survive the German Sunday by writing new blog posts and taking a nap.



  1. Yes that is one of things I like better about Germany vs America is the quiet time. America is a very ADHD society that can not slow down and smell the roses. After all if money is your primary driver in society there is no need for quiet. I lived half my life in Germany and England and the other half in America. As you get older and more mature you see the value in what Germany does. America today is too wound up and keyed up for its own good.

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