American in Germany blog – Exposing our life in Germany

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So. Well. I guess this is how it feels to be glancing at my first post on this old geezer website. was originally the wedding website from my wife and I. Five months later, we are assuming that nobody wants to hear or see pictures from “our special day” anymore. It was more for ourselves than for anyone else. Therefore it was makeover time. (newlyweds: this is an important step in getting over your own wedding by the way!) Our American in Germany blog


Exposing our german-american ways

After convincing my wife that we should share some of our sad, exciting, troubling, exaggerating, lonesome, happy stories from our multi-cultural and multi-lingual togetherness, it feels awkward to expose ourselves. By awkward meaning, we are making ourselves verletzlich (vulnerable). I am a person who thinks that bragging is a mask for insecurity. Therefore this American in Germany blog has no intention to do so, if you think we are bragging: please look up into your right hand corner of your screen and kindly press “X” and this website will magically disappear. Oh you tricky magician, you!


You are eingeladen (invited)

If you are interested in the German language, german-american relations, the ups and downs of being bilingual, making german friends, about how to file an I-485, about exchange programs, how to speak with a consul, how to wait in embassy lines, how to get cheap flights, neat German wedding invitation ideas, how to start up your own small business, designing your own website or how to make your own cards: then you may not want to ignore me. Don’t even pretend to visit me… we have the analytics and we know where you are! Your comments, likes and sharing are appreciated.


I am doing this for my wife, the german

After being together with my wife for over 10 years, I have painfully learned that being German is a bit more complicated than just running around with some neat clothes “Made in Germany”. It takes time to learn to be facial expressionless a.k.a. German nonverbal communication, serious 24/7, to walk fast-paced like no tomorrow, to cook meals every darn day and appreciate “Schlager” music – which is worse than… well I don’t know. This is for you, my wife – the german.


Thanks for visiting our Life in Germany blog:


  1. Danke für die Einladung 😀 As an American woman who is living in Germany and married to a German man, I’m looking forward to hearing about how you guys see the cultural differences in your life together.

    1. Author

      Hey there Dana, we look forward to your visit and wish you all the best in your adventures. Nice video by the way!

  2. Hi Matt!

    As a fellow Wisconsin native who is recently engaged to a wonderful German, I am looking forward to your upcoming blog posts! Keep up the great writing!

    1. Author

      Jesse, thanks for stopping in! -And I am looking forward to hearing your comments in the future.

  3. looking forward to upcoming posts. I am a German married to an American since 10 yrs living in Tn with our 2 kids. I started to blog so my German relatives could see pictures of the kids without me emailing them.
    Liebe Gruesse

    1. Author

      Hey there Daniela, better late the never right? Thanks for commenting. I would be interested in which language you and your husband speak with your children. Is bilingualism everything that it was made out to be or does each child have their “stronger-language”?

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